Today was the official day our website 2.0 went live to match our forums 2.0 that went live last month. What had happened is the host of our forums from a few years ago stopped hosting forums all together, and although it was largely inactive there was information on there, and when they stopped hosting forums and became one themselves instead, we lost all our info. Flash forward to a month ago, and it had become necessary to have a forum again to coordinate efforts with the different teams signed to publish with Bon Ink.

What does this mean exactly? This mean that the networking process has begun, and Bon Ink has started to look into marketing and getting a fan base for the games being developed with us. Social networking is a beatiful thing and the next step is to get all hooked into facebook, twitter, etc, and start to create game awareness for the different teams.

The site itself has an area for games we are currently developing, and a section for each development group agreed to publish with us. These pages are to show our fan base what we are all about as individual developers and as our respective teams. So now is the time to get posting your conceptual ideas on the forums, start making those games, and signing up to the social networking sites.
Have fun developing and playing!

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