We have been hard at work over the past few weeks getting a launch campaign ready for LDC Studios upcoming October 2012 release of Grave Prosperity. Additionally Black City Studios has their release of Felix's Nightmare ready for a launch campaign and date to be set. Furthermore Agent Paper from Paper Studios has gained more direction and inspiration for his story related efforts and makes leaps and bounds in his conceptual design. Finally Bon Ink's creation staff is working towards settling on it's game design for the in house first build and launch. All this and more covered in this blog.

Grave Prosperity
Justabox (the owner of LDC Studios) has been hard at work adding the final and minor tweeks to the release candidate of Grave Prosperity Volume 1 Part 1 set to launch on Oct 26. He has also been kind as to work in conjunction with Bon Ink to create an impactful short but sweet teaser trailer, posted today. Here.
Grave Prosperity will also start it's own blog out yesterday with information regarding August's promotional release dates. Justabox will be writing some blogs detailing the work leading up to now, our recent work together, and plans for the future so keep an eye out!

Felix's Nightmare
Black City Will of Black City Studios has reached a complete release candidate for his game and work has begun on outlining a marketing plan and getting promotional material made up. A long worked on first release for Black City Studios the game was an enjoyment to play. More information and links to follow as the weeks progress.


As an internet based company Bon Ink primarily works through the use of a website forum. The forum is open to the public but non staff and development teams are limited to what they can see and interact with. We recently had a new staff member join by the name of Shingamix who has agreed to administrate the forums. Although this may seem like small news this is actually quite big. A large majority of time is spent on the administrative duties of the forum, and with someone dedicated to the job it frees up much more time for other work. Additionally Shingamix has proven to be quite an asset at creating a more graphically dynamic and appealing forum which is serving to function better when using it for work.
Welcome aboard Shingamix, and thanks again for all your recent work!

In House Development
Inspiration has struck and of the roughly half a dozen designs kicking around internally at Bon Ink we believe to have settled on one. Work is being done to create a basic model and test out some of the game dynamics and ideas. It will be a multi-player side scrolling adventure game with heavy rpg elements, that's all we can say for now. A development blog is planned for this project and more news will follow as it developers.

Special Surprise Project
In a previous blog there was slight mention to a new member by the name of Moonpearl having an awesome project planned. Well, Moonpearl contacted me this past week and asked for the proper forum permissions and basic outline setup for his area to launch the starting works for the project. Oh super secret! We can't make an official announcement just yet, as we are waiting on his word, but there should be talk of his excellent open source design idea set to launch through Bon Ink. The future is that much brighter with Moonpearl around. Official announcement likely in the next blog post!

Unfortunately this blog did not follow the near bi-weekly posting of other blogs (which was coincidence not planned) but that just goes to show how busy we are. Expect at least one blog a month regarding general progress and new ventures etc. Thanks for reading!

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