Things are going Great for Bon Ink, we have some excellent stuff in works for the future and I(Jon Bon) couldn't be any happier.
Specifically we recently added two new staff members, and a past recruited staff has finally finished up their work and is ready to come on to the Bon Ink Creations team.

New Members
We would like to officially welcome Heretic86 to our Bon Ink Creations staff. He was originally recruited a few months ago, but has been hard at work on a 'scripting'(programming) system for the engine we use for his own independent release desires. Now that he was finished that release we are glad to have him on board and ready to get some in house indie development underway.

We recently were blessed with the talent of the person who goes by the gamer handle 'RPG' to join our team. He will be leaving soon rather than later as he has life obligations that will take him away from us, but he will be sharing as much of his knowledge with us while he is here, and we will always have a place open for him in the future.

Last but far from worst, we have recruited a developer for our in house team who is ready and willing to learn our engine and start from the ground up. Widowmaker55 is a long time acquiantance of mine(Jon Bon) and he has agreed to come on board and help us where we need it and develop his individual talents in the process. This is a huge and important step for us because we need more like minded people who really want to make games, and know there is some hard work to be had before hand.  Welcome aboard!

I am equally glad to have each of our 3 new additions to our in house development team, and I look forward to working with them and developing games together.

Future Plans
We never like to announce anything before it's official, so there won't be any of that rule breaking today, but we would like to say something special and awesome is planned, that should hopefully get the people involved here really excited about our future work to come.

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