I would like to welcome the new production and development staff member who goes by the gamer handle 'RPG'. He will be joining our main development team for our current and active projects. I would also like to welcome AgentPaper to our publishing side of things, where we will be helping him develop and produce where necessary to aid in the creation of his independent game project.

Work is still on going to proper link together all of the social networking aspects of Bon Ink, but it is near completion. Our official website had 79 individual hits without any effort, which of course is not many, but a good sign to interest, and visitors remains around 10 a day so far.

The Bon Ink Twitter account has been gaining followers as well, with a modest 5 followers in less than a week. Of course this means nothing yet, but progress is progress, and the more people interested in Bon Ink means the more people who will hear about our development teams game releases, and info relating to them.

Development has begun into our first official release, and other stuff has been put on hold for now, but more detail will put said about this in another blog report.

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