I can't begin to express how productive things have been. Work with the developers signed with us has been going excellent. People who have agreed to come on board are freeing up their time and finishing up old projects, and the future is looking up. Hope everyone enjoys.

New Member
The innovative and inventive ever so talented Moonpearl has finally freed up his time and will be settling in over the next few weeks with us at Bon Ink as a staff member. He is an author of many excellent and extremely impressive scripts for the RMXP engine and posts them on his blog page.
He has some amazing things in store for us, and as much as I wanted to I will have to save details for a later date. Welcome aboard mate!

Social Networking
With the social networking of Twitter and Facebook linked together, I went one step further and found a website to automate the process. I can now plan and schedule project updates for developers and so they can keep their fan base interested while they keep working.
I am roughly have way complete the guide for easy step by step setup of this system and hope to post it very soon.

Development/Publishing Updates
The following covers the different development teams signed with us and their respective progress.

LDC Studios -> Grave Prosperity
Justabox, the amazing developer behind Grave Prosperity has been making some excellent progress behind the game. With part 1 and the basis for parts 2-4 is complete he is now working to finish the entire volume for our scheduled launch dates. Announcements regarding launch dates will like happen a month and a few week from now, and promotional advertising will begin in a week or two.
Additionally the voice casting call for Grave Prosperity went amazing, all roles are filled and most actors have emailed back accepting their cast. We were even luck enough to have a very talented artist known as Mary Morgan who graciously offered her professional services for free. She will be voicing the Supporting Lead Role of Miki Ridge, sister to the lead Amber Ridge. Mary Morgan not only has the perfect voice, both in her audition tape and the dozens of variations she showed us on her portfolio, but has the kindness to work with us indie developers. She is an inspiration to use all.
Not to say Mary wasn't an asset but the other Voice Actors(ress') that auditioned and were cast were also quite compelling and we never expected such an excellent and talented turn out. The handles of the cast have accepted role are as follows;
Jeff Trammel
Little Princess
Mary Morgan
Miguel "Draginite" Moran
Olivia Steele
Vincent Alucard

We are still waiting to hear back from a few other actors, all indie and some quite exceptional. We had to turn no one away and again I want to thank everyone that applied.

Paper Studios -> N/A Working Title

Agent Paper, the development head for Paper Studios, is in conceptual design for his first release with Bon Ink. We are in the process of going over his story and pitching ideas for game concepts and what would fit well to bring his world to life. I have read through what he has already and I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, this will be something we can look forward to likely into 2013, but great none the less. More word as it develops.

well that about wraps it up. like always I will remember something later, and add it next week. But thanks to the one person who read this! Keep tuned in, same .com, same random time.

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