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Things are going great. And to keep everyone in the loop, both staff, development teams, and the public, I write these blogs. To keep in constant touch with us you can follow us on Twitter. But for those that like all the details you can simply read the blogs. But don't worry staff and development teams I write an on forum only newsletter I both send out privately and post for everyone to see, this is how you can stay informed with little to no effort.

Social Networking
The social network tie in is nearly complete. I am still having trouble getting Twitter to post to Facebook, but once that is done the inter connectivity will have been established, and through one twitter post everything official with a Bon Ink name will show those words. For that reason Twitter has been chosen as our main site for social networking and will be where we post our daily status updates on whatever is going on directly related to the games being developed. Facebook will house our promotional material for public use and where we post trailers and such for games (other than youtube).
Once this is all completely connected a guide will be written for all members to use and easily setup similar systems for extreme ease in reaching their intended audience.
Bon Ink Twitter

Development/Publishing Info

Grave Prosperity
Grave Prosperity is making excellent progress, and a launch date has been established, but is yet to be publicly announced. Voice acting is one of few parts needed to finish up what is necessary for it's planned up coming launch, and there for a audition process has been started for voice actors using independent voice acting websites. More information on that can be found on their official website.
Official Website

Dark Matter

The Dark Matter guys are hard at work as always, and the way they see they are going to need some cash infusion to help this project out. So they have started a funding campaign through a website called indiegogo.com and if you want to check their progress and outline out and shell some coin to help see it a reality, I know they would appreciate it.
Official Website
Funding Post

We have lots of other stuff in the works, but I never like to talk about it unless I know for sure, so if you're interested than keep tuned to our 'weekly' bloh.

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